by Lyka Peng, G10

Here are the top 10 music picks and discoveries in order to kickstart the decade. Ranging from R&B to Pop, these are songs that you can add to your playlists, depending on the occasion and the type of mood that you’re in. 

*WARNING: explicit content (E), clean versions are available for all*

  1. Me & You Together Song – The 1975

This is a song that seems to emerge from an angsty teen movie, right from the television screen. The song itself is spunky and fun, with the incorporation of heavy guitars and drum sequence bringing it up to the next level. It is overall a nostalgic song, and is reminiscent of dancing in your room, singing the words at the top of your lungs. 

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2. Headaches – Raveena

Soft, dreamy, and sweet, Raveena’s melodic voice seems to transcend through time and space itself. With the combination of a mellow chords and a consistent beat, this is a song that you’d find yourself listening to when you feel lovesick, which is a perfect mood for February. 

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3. Simple Romance – COIN

COIN is a band that never seems to disappoint with a spirited and moody sound. Although it is funky, vintage, and moody, it feels modernized as well, due to its authentic pop sound, which would appeal to various audiences. This is a song suitable for a party, to keep the energy going. 

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4. Mean It – Gracie Abrams

With a huge Instagram following, singer and songwriter Gracie Abrams spends a lot of time writing music in her room and performing it online. When the release of her debut, fans were ecstatic. This is a mournful, wistful, and heartbreaking first debut, accompanied by delicate piano notes and an angelic voice full of emotion. 

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5. Say So – Doja Cat

Say So is a song that has taken Tik Tok by a storm. With a fun beat and bubbly sound, it is not difficult to see why this song has such a large cult following. The song itself sounds like it belongs in a cute video game. The chorus is catchy, already making this song a staple in the new decade. 

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6. Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

Harry Styles is truly one of a kind– every album he makes seems to get better and better. One of the standout songs from the album, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ incorporates a summery sound with more melody and sophistication. This is definitely a song that clearly contrasts with the songs he used to sing back in One Direction. 

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7. She Plays Bass – beabadoobee

Another spunky, teenage movie song. It is fun and similar to grunge music back in the early 90s, but with the combination of beabadoobee’s soft and intimate voice. The song clearly has a good contrast between the singer and the overall melody and sound, which makes listening to the song more satisfying and interesting every single time. 

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SUGAR is an excellent song if you want to be introduced to more prominent beats and a softer hip hop sound. The combination between the rap and the harmonious chorus is interesting to listen to, especially since the background melody is quite soft. This song also gained massive attention, ever since it was introduced to Tik Tok. 

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9. Powerslide – Ryan Beatty

Powerslide is a cool song, especially with the subtle beats and the chord progression. The song itself seems to be super toned down and good for easy listening. It is a good song for a study playlist, but also for other leisure activities such as painting and reading. Overall a song that feels like it could help you get through the day. 

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10. LOVE. – Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari

LOVE. is the oldest song in the list, but it’s a song that is especially perfect for this month. The sound is soft, but becomes a powerhouse when fused with the strong, but catchy rap. The song is balanced in every aspect: mellow, but not too mellow, lyrical, but not too consistent. It is a gradual introduction to rap music if there are people who weren’t fans before. 

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Give these songs a listen and see if they are suitable for any of your playlists! What type of songs do you like to listen to? 

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