About Us

The Grapevine is an independent newspaper produced by students which advocates for social issues, highlights different cultures, and projects student voices. 


We are making 2021 our year. Our team has been working hard to get everything up and running – inputting the inspiration and ideas that we’ve gathered to generating the quality writing and visuals that are so well known and beloved in the ISPP community. We also have some exciting projects planned ahead as well!

But before all of that, we would like to give a huge shout out to the returning members, as well as the new recruits who have joined our incredibly talented team this year. Our team is small, but they are hardworking and passionate creatives that are born ready to speak up for change. We are absolutely definitive that they are capable of bringing a diverse range of cultured perspectives and opinions onto the table. 

Furthermore, we’d also like to thank the creators and previous leaders of The Grapevine for providing us with this amazing opportunity to continue on and foster what they loved so dearly. We hope to make you guys proud. 

Lastly, from the new leaders of this amazing publication, stay tuned for the content that we will be releasing in the future. Whether you’ve just stumbled upon our website (like destiny, we suppose) or are a devoted reader of The Grapevine, we promise that you wouldn’t want to miss them for the world!

Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm and support. We really appreciate it! 

And cut!

– Lyka, Thomas, Anita 


Instagram: @thegrapevineispp

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