Personal Project Spotlight: Morakod’s ‘Our Cambodia’

Keomorakod Ung, G10

Hi my name is Morakod and for my personal project I made a coloring book! My aim is to promote coloring in as a self care practice for teenagers within the ISPP community. I made my own coloring designs and had some of my peers try them out. I’ve attached a folder of the individual pages so you can try these pages out in your own time to wind down and relax. It is very important for us to practice self care as it helps us to be our best emotionally and physically! The designs are based on the theme of locations in Cambodia and or scenes from daily life and culture to share part of my identity with you in a way that you could possibly relate and connect with.

An excerpt from the book itself…

As we approach the end of high school, the workload seems to pile on more and more. I, like many other students and teenagers in our community, often prioritize work more than our own personal health. In a survey I carried out with 16 ISPP students aged between 15-16 years old, only 37.5% of respondents cited practicing self care more than two times a week.

Stress is not always necessarily bad; it gives you the focus, motivation and energy to tackle a challenge but stress may cause problems when it is accumulative, persistent and more than you can cope with.
We are more likely to be able to effectively manage stress when at our best mentally and physically, which is why self care is so important in helping us stay emotionally resilient.

“The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” – Oxford Languages

This pandemic has evidently changed our lives a lot, it can be stressful and overwhelming adjusting to new routines like online school and quarantine. It is especially important to practice self care during this time when we’re cooped up at home. Through this book I would like to share a self-care practice with you, coloring in.

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