By Sophatny Chan, G10

Khmer traditional desserts are not hard to find especially when you are already living in the country. Their popularity and flavoursome taste is sold in every market here in Cambodia. From markets to asian restaurants as well. Khmer traditional desserts mostly include sticky rice in a form of a ball or any shape, they include small details and use coconut milk for their signature taste. You don’t know where to start? Well, read on for some great treats!

  1. Pumpkin Custard 

Pumpkin is a common vegetable in Cambodia that people use to cook desserts or use for their meals. The sweetness in this dish is made into a custard for special events or everyday desserts. It is better when eaten cold so you can put it in the fridge and take it out to eat anytime you want. 

  1. Ta Xuan (Mung Bean Pudding) 

This dessert is a Mung Bean pudding that is not too sweet but not bland as well. The dessert includes the yellow mung bean meaning “gold” with tapioca sauce for the water. This dish is best prepared the day before so that the dessert would have time to cool and make it more tasty. 

  1. Banana Sticky Rice Cake 

In khmer this dessert is called “Num Ansom Chek”, called by the locals in Cambodia. It is one of the oldest and most common traditional desserts in Cambodia. This dessert is served in most occasions, especially occasions that are Khmer New Year, or Pchum Ben. They make this dessert mostly to take it to the pagoda. 

  1. Ah Kor Tnort 

This is one of the best desserts in Cambodia known for their very sweet taste. This dessert is always topped with freshly shredded coconut which adds a new taste to the sweetness of the dish. This dessert is found everywhere in Cambodia, mostly in the countryside. The colour of the dessert is also very eye-catching with yellow. 

  1. Sticky Rice Layer Cake  

This dessert is made out of sticky rice and tapioca flours, and is both gluten and lactose free. This is a true Cambodian dessert since sticky rice cake can be found in many markets or restaurants in Cambodia. It has a very satisfying cakey texture and tastes of coconut. This dessert goes great with coffee or tea, the cake makes a nice dessert for breakfast, lunch, or snacks. This dessert would mostly present itself during potluck parties. 

  1. Jek Ktis 

Ancient banana trees are everywhere in Cambodia. This dessert is a sweet dessert in mix with coconut milk and the taste of bananas. To get a rich taste of the banana, you have to make sure that the banana is yellow and new to give it a sweet taste. This dessert is also called the Banana and tapioca coconut pudding. This delicious ethnic khmer dessert is also very easy to make. 

These are the delicious Khmer traditional desserts that you must try whilst you are visiting Cambodia. They are to die for and you will not regret the amazing flavour that they produce!

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