By Sophatny Chan, G10

2020: a new generation, a new trend in outfits. But why does it seem so dull now? We are trying to match different articles of clothing together to form an outfit yet it’s so difficult to make ourselves look decent! Why does it just not fit? 

Let’s turn back time to the ‘90s…you guys must be familiar with one of the most popular sitcoms of all time: Friends. This immortal set of characters influenced a large audience for their fashion as well, and each character has a type of style specific to them. Below is some inspiration from this iconic show that you can draw from to develop your own wardrobe and revamp your fashion choices: 

From vintage button-ups to classic denim jackets and dresses, these outfits look like they’ve been pieced together effortlessly — the magic lies in how stunningly they come together.

Maybe thinking pieces wouldn’t look good on you is all in your head. Try them out! To be able to go out of your comfort zone and experiment with style; isn’t that what the whole idea of fashion is? Fashion isn’t just about looking impressive, it’s about experimentation and fitting together weird and unordinary clothing to form a unique style of your own.

So, why not bring inspiration from the ‘90s back to life? Don’t you feel inclined to break the monotone of what you wear every day? Sometimes it may not just be changing your clothing and outfits; you may consider having a whole makeover — a different hairstyle, use of accessories, makeup, anything! 

Celebrities are now bordering on an obsession with their nostalgia for the marvelous decade that perfected high-waist denim and leather jackets. The style icons of the 1990s feel more relevant than ever before.

The main trends from the ‘90s were grunge, minimalist, and carefree styles that dabbled in rebellion, contrasting with hip-hop, laidback, and feminine styles.





A look that you can get inspired from is the now classic supermodel’s airport look. Worn by Cindy Crawford in 1991: a black turtleneck, high waisted denim, and a leather blazer — just as effortlessly classy as always. Cement it with a pair of ankle cowboy boots to complete the outfit!

Another celebrity that encapsulated the nineties in her fashion is none other than the iconic Tyra Banks. She perfectly portrayed the denim-on-denim outfit, making it a very timeless look. This outfit was refined in over the decade, worn with a white tank, oversized denim shirt, and denim jeans. Add a snapback cap if you want to recreate the whole look! 

Let’s bring back the staple of the decade with leather pants. Worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 1996, she completed the look with a monochromatic form, a simple black turtleneck. One of the more edgy styles in the ‘90s.

These are some inspirations you can take to customize your own outfits. Move away from the security of your old closet and start exploring your choices in the fashion world. Dress up like your favorite ‘90s celebrity or character and see whether they fit your taste. The nineties is a decade that will never go out of style! 

Let us know your favorite age of fashion and the style icons you follow in the comments!

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